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Sensor Based Network monitoring Irrigation system
The term Irrigation is a method of providing water to almost schedule through small-diameter tubes and emitters. It can be used on very steep, sandy, and rocky areas and for landscape plantings. The aim of this project is to deal with a Keil (?v3) pipe to Stepper motor device. Stepper motor device is an independence device it works with Microcontroller. Microcontroller works full independently with a timing. An electrically charged coil of insulated wire, which generates magnetic field within the coil. If the magnetic field produced by the coil is used to magnetize and thus attract a plunger or armature to a position within the coil, the device may be considered to be a special form of electromagnet and in this sense the words solenoid and electromagnet are synonymous
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Duration:33 day(s)
Price:Rs. 14,000 (Group)
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