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Login Authentication Using RFID
Login to the system is done user-id and password for so many years, and this need a change for proper and better usage of system, to forbid this system RFID method of authentication is done. This system will be better for a company which has a network of system and software development needs a secure login. This system proves to be valid. This project aims at login authentication to access a computer using RFID technology, this is one the safest and advanced technology to access a computer safer than login id and password, which are subject to hack easily, or overridden this system ensures perfect safety in authorized access to the personal computer. The RFID will be with the user, who is going to access, and RF reader is attached to the computer, on valid RFID the computer is allowed to start otherwise the system wont start, this project ensures proper usage of system over a network or even a standalone pc.
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Duration:26 day(s)
Technology:Security based
Price:Rs. 12800 (Group)
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