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NFC Health Monitoring System Based On IOT
Health monitoring systems integrated into a telemedicine system are novel information technology that will be able to support early detection of abnormal conditions and prevention of its serious consequences. Many patients can benefit from continuous ambulatory monitoring as a part of a diagnostic procedure, optimal maintenance of a chronic condition or during supervised recovery from an acute event or surgical procedure. Even there are situation that the patients should be monitored continuously for certain parameters. With the increasing in the aging population, the health of the elderly caused widespread concern. The recently developed body sensor networks (BSN) have been confirmed to be a low cost and efficient way for elderly health monitoring. We mainly introduced the design of a heterogeneous Zig Bee based personal health device monitoring system which consisted data Collecting Node (CN), data Relaying Nodes (RNs), and Health Monitoring Nodes (HMNs). The CN and the RNs have prefixed position and they composed the main traffic routes for data transmission. The Health Monitoring Nodes are placed on human body to sample the physiological signals of the people while the people can move freely in the floor of the building. In addition, the Collecting Node and the Relaying Nodes have comparatively high radio transmission power to guarantee the network connectivity and coverage while the Health Monitoring Nodes are always working with low radio transmission power to reduce energy consumption and to extend the life of the nodes.
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Duration:30 day(s)
Technology:NFC (Near Field Communication)
Price:Rs. 15000 (Group)
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